Store Visuals

If you’ve ever been to a Pottery Barn, you’ve probably noticed the massive window displays flanking the entrance, enticing customers into the store. Sometimes they’re more like sculptural works of art than realistic furniture arrangements. These sketches were created for the store visuals team. The team members are experts of in-store setups and window displays.  Concepts show the various setups as they roll out new product during a season. Materials: Chartpak Ad Markers, Uniball Pen, Marker Paper

Halloween Decorating

This is a series of marker drawings created for the Pottery Barn 2015 Fall Catalog. Several of the shots focus on details and front door decorating, but the final shot was an upscale barn party environment. The black & white to color comparisons give you a sense of how I play with the composition and camera angles. Proceeding from black & white to color.

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Ken Fulk Collection for Pottery Barn

In August 2015, Pottery Barn debuted a signature collection of vintage inspired furniture, bedding, and decor co-created by San Francisco-based designer Ken Fulk. The proposed location for the catalog shoot was an 8000 sf Victorian mansion with beautiful period millwork and molding. I rendered the product in this world for a presentation to Ken and PB executives.